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The 42-year-old had been under investigation for 18 months as part of the Australian Federal Police's Operation Marksburg. The operation, focusing on the extendedZahabfamily, involved seizing $530,000 from the sale of a Condell Park home last year split into several accounts and travel debit cards belonging to four family doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 members. The home owner and Mr Zahab's cousin, Hicham Zahab, didn't fight the AFP's proceeds of crime proceedings as he had fled to Syria with his wife, son and daughter-in-law.He is wanted by the Kuwaiti government for his suspected involvement in the Islamic State arms smuggling cell. Craig Thomson The property in Young, NSW, being searched by the Australian Federal Police on Tuesday. The AFP allege the money from the sale was going to be used to fund an Islamic State arms racket. About half of the money from the sale was seized with the rest believed to have already been sent to the Middle East. In its latest annual report, the AFP said Operation Marksburg was an investigation "into a family based in New South Wales that was suspected of travelling to Syria to become members of, and provide support to, Islamic State" "At the start of the investigation it was identified that family members had access to a significant amount of funds in an Australian bank account and were suspected of using international travel cards and a computer consulting company based in the Middle East to remit funds out of Australia for the use and benefit of Islamic State in Syria," the report stated. "These funds were acquired from the sale of their former family residence located in Sydney." Mr Zahab did not apply forbail when he appeared before Young Local Court on Tuesday afternoon and it was formally refused. He will face court in Parramatta on March 8. He is charged with seriousforeign incursion offences which carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Andrew Meares AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the alleged offence was "fairly sophisticated and well-planned". AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said Mr Zahaballegedly used the internet to research and design a laser warning device to help warnagainst incoming missilesused by coalition forces in Syria and Iraq.